IMAF Charlotte is continually screening, innovative, high growth, highly scalable ventures. If you would like to be considered please read the following.

The companies that IMAF-CHARLOTTE considers for investment generally possess

  • An experienced, dedicated & motivated management & advisory team
  • A sound business concept
  •  Leading edge technology or a unique product design
  • Opportunity to become a market leader.

To apply, IMAF Charlotte uses to manage our submission process.  If this is your first time using you will need to register.  Registration is free.  You will also have the opportunity to upload documents that contain your business plan and presentation. Make sure that once your application is completed it must be ‘shared’ with IMAF Charlotte.  If this last step is not followed, we will not be able to see your application.

To set the proper expectation on what to expect, IMAF Charlotte has a multiple step process.

  • Beginning of every month, all submissions to that date are reviewed for fit with IMAF Charlotte’s interest and criteria.  If you submit after our review date it will be another month before your application is considered.
  • From the applications that make it through this initial review, a fund member will conduct a telephone interview with you.
  • Following the phone interview, if you are selected, you will be invited to present before the screening committee.  This is a 30 minute (hard-stop) presentation.
  • If all goes well you then be invited to present before general membership.  At this presentation the vote will be whether to continue on with due diligence and a possible investment.  You generally are notified with 48 hours as to the results of the vote.
  • Our general membership meetings are the second Wednesday of every month.  So if you are on time with your submission it will take at minimum 45 days to making it to a membership meeting if your venture makes it thru the various screening steps.